Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Class Notes

all homework and do overs are due week 8

title sequence - expresses something about the film, type dominant
some good +  some bad examples

Type Formatting for Public Consumption:
Single space between sentence.
Do not use a double return between paragraphs (do not format the double return so that it is just smaller).

For Typo Basics:
Correct Typos
Widows + Orphans (not really correctable for this project)


curly quotes
true quotes
sixes and nines



A quote inside of a quote alternate “  ’  

"  inches and minutes
'   feet and hours

Where to put the period:
In America:
"This is a quote."
There was a guy who said " this quote."

(This is a sentence.)
This is a sentence (and this too).


rock n roll   (not n’)

The dog’s fleas (possesive)
The dogs’ fleas (the fleas of the multiple dogs)

Louis’s class
Charles's ear

it's (it is, it has)
its (possessive pronoun)
hers (possessive pronoun)
theirs (possessive pronoun)

never use an apostrophe for a plural
NEVER : download mp3's

hyphen -
(a little below the x height)

used for hyphenating words that don't fit into that paragraph
compound words    :  non-designers
with non-lining numerals

lining numerals (hyphens dont always work for this)
non-lining numerals (hyphens work well for this)

415-555-1234 (this hyphen does not work because it is too low)

I am butt ugly.
A butt-ugly person. (hyphenated because it is conveyed as a single unit/adjective)

em dash
(designed long and thinner, at the x height)
(its the size of an em = the font size, the same size as the size of the type)
no spaces on either side, separates phrases

The tea—with cardamom and other spices—was delicious and fragrant.

en dash 
(half the size of the em dash)
(at the x height, not below)
use spaces between

1980-1990 (no spaces)

— alt 0151
– alt 0150

tilde, minus sign,

(ellyptical writing , when you leave out words that are basically understood)
do not hit period three times

… alt0133

Special Typ Char NoPW

Char Set Web 1

Char Set Web 2

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